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Brochure “Christmas Expo” 2017

Andrew Galindo, was the only artist from the US  invited to exhibit work in the show at the Galleria360 "Christmas Expo” 2017 Florence, Italy.

Interview by Virginia Bazzechi, Galleria360 Florence, Italy 12/8/2017


ARTE FUSE: (M) Artist Andrew Galindo talking to some guests including Bill Jacklin (R) about his new work in the show.

Standing out among the two-dimensional inclusions are figurative artists Andrew Galindo and Jack Rosenberg. Galindo’s moody mixed media portraits, on paper handmade by the artist, are intimate, touching character studies suggestive of the psychological understanding of history’s great portraitists. Rosenberg’s expressionistic, almost Cubist-inspired paintings depicting figures ranging from Queen Elizabeth II to an “Old Man,” provide multi-faceted, painterly looks at each subject. Cuban painter Franklin Alvarez Fortun also makes an impact with his subtly political works from the Suspense series, depicting typically Cuban figures frozen in mid-air, unable to make a move. [ARTE FUSE]~ Review ~ Jennifer Wolf

New York Art Week Show 2017 / Art Takes Manhattan

New York Art Week Show 2017, (Art Takes Manhattan)
February 28th to March 6th
508 W 26th Street, New York City

PRESS RELEASE: NEW YORK Artist ANDREW GALINDO Receives International Recognition

“Looking Inside Out"

Artist ANDREW GALINDO of KEW GARDENS, NEW YORK has received a Special Recognition Award in the "18th Annual Faces Juried Online International Art Exhibition" hosted by Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska, U. S. A..

This international exhibition received approximately 100 art entries from around the world and 15 artists were selected by the juror Laurence Bradshaw, Professor Emeritus of Art & Art History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, U. S. A.

Professor Bradshaw states this about this specially recognized work:

"ANDREW GALINDO of Kew Gardens, New York uses powered graphite, pure paint pigment, pencil and other mixed media to enrich his portraiture. Perhaps the one that draws the viewer in the most is "Looking Inside Out" wherein one is deep in contemplation.”’ ~Upstream People Gallery

"The piece in the series called, "Looking Inside Out," was intended to evoke how a person needs to examine oneself in order to find out truths that can't be revealed by looking outward, but looking inward at our own unique journey in life. Then you can perceive, and understand the seen and tangible world much more clearly by understanding yourself in this world.” ~Galindo

The exhibition will be featured online during March, 2016 at Upstream People Gallery and continue indefinitely in the archives section of the website.

The Upstreamers
Upstream People Gallery
5607 Howard Street
Omaha, NE 68106-1257 U. S. A.

Article for CANSON Papiers d’inspiration 1557

CANSON © Papiers d’inspiration 1557  “In Touch With Paper” by Andrew Galindo


A Singular Creation Art Community Blog

Animal Planet 7 - CompetitionWinners
Saturday, November 21, 2015

Andrew Galindo - Overall Winner

Written by Joe Barrouk

A Singular Creation Art Community is proud to present the winners of our "Animal Planet" competition. The contest was open to all media and all styles portraying non-human animals of any kind. We had 263 submissions - the overall winner was Andrew Galindo. 1st Runner up was Danielle Trudeau. Honorable mentions were Kathryn Fagan, Marcela Rogel de Pepper, Margaret Stockdale, Cristina, Sybiline, Sheri Hughes, Mariia Kamenska, and Dusten Sonnon.



INTERVIEWED by Julio Cesar Largo, (Emmy Award winner) Reporter/Producer/Anchor UNIVISION WUVP 65, Philadelphia

Andrew Galindo, interviewed by Julio Cesar Largo "Cezanne and Beyond" Exhibition opening at The Philadelphia Museum of Art February 2009